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Retirement Home

This retirement home was originally clad in stucco, and it was our task to repair and modernize it for durability and longevity.





The CHallenge

We faced the challenge of modernizing and improving its durability. The stucco was breaking and cracking, making it a maintenance headache.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we decided to re-clad the building with commercial siding, including a new front entrance. We sourced high-quality, maintenance-free products from Spain to ensure the building would be easier to maintain in the long run.
Despite the difficulty of marrying the new siding to the existing window trim and adhering it to the building, the team found a way to do so. We also had to work around the hidden existing supports, which were covered by the previous cladding. The client wanted the siding installed horizontally, but this posed the risk of flaws in the product that could create issues.

The Results

Despite these challenges, the team was successful in transforming the building. After 10 years, the building still looks great and has a modernized facade that is both appealing and stands the test of time. This project marked the team’s first large job with a budget over $500,000.

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